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  • Snap-Me Freelancers is a dedicated Freelance marketplace for all content creators, find freelancers in the following sectors but not limited to, Photographers, Models, Influencers, Videographers and their supporting services like Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Location Rentals and many more services that contribute to finding new talent or creating and developing content for clients
  • You may either register and browse our Freelancers or post a specific gig (job) for our Freelancers to view and possibly react on and who will make contact for further details
  • Or if you are a Freelancer or Owner of a location or property (Vendor/Seller) then join our growing marketplace by registering and creating a profile to showcase your services
  • Snap-Me is FREE to join (during our launch promotion period ), to showcase your services on
  • Commission on all sales is 10%, we strive to offer the best and simplest commission rate for a marketplace


 How does Snap-Me Works

  • You can browse the Marketplace to find a suitable Creator to Collaborate with
  • a. Register as a Buyer (User) and search Freelancer’s offered services or Post a Job (jobs) as required 


  • b. Register as a Seller (Freelancer/Vendor), create your profile and showcase your services. Join and subscribe as a Freelancer
  • Use the search bar to filter your search
  • Decide on a Freelancer to collaborate with and make contact via the private chat/message service
  • Agree on all the requirements and buy a Job or a Job Package, when the Job is accepted and has been paid for, fees will be kept in Snap-Me’s escrow account until such time the buyer (client) is 100% satisfied with the completed Job and instructs Snap-Me (Admin) to pay the Freelancer/Vendor.
  • Admin will then release the funds accordingly after commission (10%) has been deducted for the use of the platform and its advertising & admin  fees
  • Both parties will be rated by each other afterwards, ensuring future clients and Freelancers will be able to review user/seller profile ratings, enhancing our marketplace security and reliability
  • Enjoy our Freelance Marketplace, dedicated to the Content Creators of the world


How to start selling

  • Register your profile
  • Choose a category that suites your service and sub services
  • Profile: Give a short description and price your services
  • Upload all images (download, fill-in and forward any legal documents required)
  • Set all filters and booking dates as required
  • Create or link your STRIPE account details with Snap-Me’s STRIPE account for effortless transactions 
  • Start earning as a Freelancer in no time!


Creating an Account

  • Register an account with your details, either as a
  • Buyer (client)
  • Freelancer / Vendor (seller)
  • Complete the registration steps
  • Complete the required profile steps
  • If/When required, complete the account verification process (for freelancers/sellers)
  • Increase your profiles validity by requesting to Verify your account details and gain a “Verified” profile icon
  • Feature your profile if required through the Feature my profile, offering to showcase your profile for 7 days on our Landing
  • Enjoy our Marketplace!


Managing your Account

  • All accounts are managed by their respected owners
  • All Accounts/profiles are subjected and accountable to Snap-Me’s Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Subscription agreements as agreed upon on registration
  • Its good practice to keep your profile up to date and content current to your latest work for attracting new clients


Resetting, Cancelling an Account

  • Your account can be reset or cancelled, forward Snap-Me admin an email requesting the closure of your current account
  • Contact support,  contact@freelance.snap-me.com  here 
  • Cancellation is free!


Creating your Seller profile

Follow the steps found in Creating an Account, then:

  • Join through the Freelancer subscription and register within your service category
  • Populate your profile as a Seller
  • Profile: Give a short description and price your services
  • Upload images to complete your portfolio (download correct legal contracts as required from the Homepage main menu if required)
  • Set all filters as accurate as possible
  • Remember to complete all banking details accurately (Create or link your STRIPE account with Snap-Me’s STRIPE account)
  • Save and publish your services to the world
  • Happy freelancing!

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