How To Find The Right Freelancer?

4 Easy Steps To Find A Freelancer:

Use Snap-Me’s search and filters, to find the right freelancer for your project.

Once you’ve found a solution and you’d like to order, click the gig. Choosing the right freelancing package and your done, its that easy!

Use these 4 steps:

1. Check out the freelancer’s work samples.
2. Check out the feedback from buyers like you.
3. Choose the package that best fits your needs or a personalized arrangement.
4. Contact the freelancer with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations and requirements.

Get Free Offers:

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  • Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, you can pay with your credit card or debit card. Snap-Me is affiliated with and all payments are through STRIPE. 

  • What if I’m not happy with my delivery?

If you are not happy with your delivery, you can always ask the seller for revisions. You can also resolve any further issues with your order through our Resolution Center. Contact our resolution center at, 

  • What do the seller “green tick” mean if indicated?

A seller may have a green tick as a status symbol, this is an indication that the freelancer has been verified to be authentic as far as possible by Snap-Me admin. Verified sellers typically enjoy increased client contact, increased quotes and increased sales ultimately improving their ratings, studies state that new buyers prefer initially interacting with freelancers that have been vetted.

  • How do I contact/chat with the seller before I place my order?

Within the Gig page, you will see a “Contact Me”/ message icon button. We recommend contacting your seller before placing your order, especially if you have specific requirements.

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